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30 Years of Experience

Affordable Parts was founded over 30 years ago in 1988 as an opportunity to keep farmers farming. The OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer) prices on replacement wear parts had been increasing over the years making it tougher for farmers to keep their machinery in proper repair. Affordable Parts works hard to keep the cost low on parts for the end user by sourcing and manufacturing high quality parts to sell to the agricultural world.


The idea of Affordable Parts started in 1988 when the founder, Stan worked as the Parts Distribution Manager for Versatile in Saskatoon. At Versatile, Stan had a large network of dealers he supported and help succeed. Stan saw an opportunity for higher quality and more affordable parts for farmers and started to put in the foundation work for Affordable Parts. The philosophies Stan used at Versatile such as ‘parts in stock’ and ‘overnight delivery’ helped create what Affordable Parts is today.


The early days of Affordable Parts had Stan operated out of a pickup truck and his 1200 sq foot warehouse in Saskatoon. Stan kept his network of dealers from his time at Versatile and grew it into a network of Affordable Parts dealers and customers all over western Canada, Montana, Minnesota and North and South Dakota. Affordable Parts aggressive growth came from Stan’s philosophy of:

  • Parts inventory on hand
  • Overnight delivery
  • Listening to the customers’ wants and needs
  • And of course, “Working hard to keep farmers… Farming”


With the increase demand from OEM’s, dealer’s and customer’s for Stan’s high-quality manufactured parts, supplies and product lines the need to move to a bigger location happened not just once but five times over the time period of a few decades. Stan also took on partner Bob in the mid-2000 and Don in 2010 to help continue and maintain the high growth that Affordable Parts was achieving.


Today, Affordable Parts is widely received across western Canada into the United States and across the ocean as a reliable source for affordable product lines, industrial and agriculture parts. Affordable Parts continues to manufacture high-quality Canadian parts and have over 2.7 million worth of inventory, parts, and product lines in their 14,000 sq foot warehouse in Saskatoon. Don and Bob retired in 2021 and a new ownership group consisting of Jari, Kevin and Stan continue to run the business along with several employees while maintaining their main philosophy of “Working hard to keep farmers… Farming!”

Red modern seeder, working mechanisms of a multi-row modern pneumatic agricultural seeder.

Featured Products

Seeing and Tillage Image

Seeding & Tillage

If it is Seeding or Tillage, we have the product to get you going in the field. Pre-seeding or post harvest we carry Harrow tines, Disk blades, Coulters and more to get you started. Air seeder hose, tips, seed manifolds, shovels, BTT products and more are available to help you get your crops in the ground.

Haying and Harvest Parts

Haying & Harvest Parts

Harvest parts such as canvas, guards, fingers, drive rollers, idlers rollers, knife assemblies and sections available for your headers. Concaves, feeder house chains, sprockets, chopper knives and more to get your combine running. When making hay, parts are available for your round balers, such as baler bands, pickup teeth, and roller chain and more.

Industrial Parts Image

Industrial Parts

Premium products are always in stock and available for your equipment maintenance or repairs. We also have quality v-belts, roller chain, flanges, sprockets, hubs, and spindles. Economy parts are also available if working on a budget. Pressure washers hot and cold are in stock as well as water and chemical pumps.



If you’re in agriculture, construction, mining, or any other industries, we have consumables and the maintenance products for your business! Fleet guard and Baldwin filters are always in stock. Brake cleaner, shop supplies and tools are available in store as well.

In House Products

In-House Products from Affordable Parts

Our in house manufactured parts give the end users a competitive advantage on quality and affordability. Our products such as idler roller, drive rollers, skid plates, Versatile and MacDon parts have been used in farm equipment for over 25 years. Contact us or stop by the store to learn more!

shipping all over the world

Shipping Product All Over the World

If your local or in another country, we can ship you your product. We have customers around the world that rely on the Affordable product to keep their operations going every day.

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